Retaining Walls – Front Fences – Rain Water Tanks.

Retaining walls and front fences that store rain water - seems impossible doesn't it??

All these lovely pictures above are actually retaining walls and front fences that store rain water, which may seem hard to believe - well its not and lots of people are using them already with stunning results.

Many people stare at these pictures and can't see the tanks without realising the lovely structures are the tanks themselves. Many people also like the appearance of the tanks so much they don't even fill them with water.

These amazing Landscape Tanks are designed for use as structural retaining walls which can also be used as stable front fences all storing rain water. They can also be used for many other attractive structures around the home. You can even have your front fence as your on site detention system if you like.

They are made from high grade concrete (50mpa) and provide a fantastic alternative to traditional retaining walls or front fences and are very cost effective.

(Please view our gallery for hundreds more pictures)

The Landscape Tanks do not require any footings, are very easy to install and may be placed straight on a firm level base for great savings.

They are are pre-engineered (empty) for use as retaining walls, which means they are also ideal for other structures around your home, such as front fences, on site detention systems, pool or pergola surrounds, water tanks, fire fighting water tanks, and raised garden beds.

The planter top also has many other uses (apart from growing plants) including water features, outdoor kitchens, decking and even spectacular light shows all at the same time while still being used for your retaining wall or front fence.

The Landscape Tanks are all quality and designed to last over 100+ years (or even 150 years) and they add that WOW factor to your home.

So whether you are looking for retaining walls in Sydney or retaining walls in Melbourne or just browsing for  retaining wall ideas, block retaining walls or concrete sleeper retaining walls, look no further than the fantastic multi purpose quality Landscape Tanks. You may be very surprises at just how cost effective they can be.

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Our Landscape Tanks may be used for any of the following individually or concurrently in the same project and they deliver great savings and results.

      *     Retaining Walls - very cost effective.

                  Simply place into position for instant results - no footings required.

      *     On site detentions systems.

                 Save money - you may avoid using a detention system altogether.

      *     Front Fences - very cost efective.

                  Stunning front fences that store rain water and even double as retaining walls.

      *     Rain Water Tanks.

                 Turning rain water tanks into a feature for your property.

      *     Pool landscaping.

                  Stores rain water for the pool and keeps plants out of chlorine level.

      *     Raised Garden Beds.

                 Idea working height for growing vegetables and herbs.

      *     Water Features and Light Show.

                 Using the planter tops for other uses can deliver amazing results.


  • *  Pre-engineered - we provide you with your own set of engineering drawings.
  • *  No footings required - easy to install - no excavation required.
  • *  They will look the same in 100+ years as the day they are installed.
  • *  They turn water tanks into a feature of your property.
  • *  Made from 50mpa high quality concrete for exceptional long life.
  • *  Enhance to appearance of your property - attractive landscape architecture.
  • *  Let us design your OSD system and chances are you wont need an OSD system at all.
  • *  Add value and that WOW factor to your quality home.
  • *  Very cost effective.         

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