Retaining Walls and Front Fences that Store Rainwater – and great money saver as well !

competitionRetaining Walls - seems impossible but if you look closely you will see that these lovely pictures above are actually Landscape Tanks, which are made from high grade concrete and designed to act as Retaining Walls, Front Fences, Pergola or Pool Surrounds or Raised Garden Beds, Water Features all storing rain water (water tanks).

These great Retaining Walls come pre-engineered with their own engineering drawings for handing to your surveyor, council or builder for considerable savings. Because of their unique design they do not require any footings,which results in further cost savings.

Visit our gallery above to see the latest images of the great things our customers have been doing with our Landscape tanks.

These Retaining Walls and Front fences may also be used as an above or below ground Detention - Retention System as well.

As an added bonus these Retaining Walls or Front Fences will look just as good in 100 years time as the day it was installed. The Landscape Tanks do not suffer the usual aging processes of traditional Retaining Walls, which can look "tired" or need replacing entirely after a short while. Turn your Retaining Wall or Front Fence into a feature for your property.

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