On site detention system – Glen Iris

Suburb: Glen Iris, Victoria, Australia
Number of tanks: 6
Water storage capacity: 20,000
Use: Detention systems and retaining wall.

Above ground detention system.

Its hard to image one building product being used to do six different application at the same time on the same project.

In this case developer used the Landscape Tanks as a detention system – front fence – retaining wall – water tank -planter box and water feature all at the same time for stunning results.

It is a great innovation to be able to use the Landscape Tanks as an above ground detention system also handling other functions at the same time for huge savings. Not only did the customer in this case save on his detention system he didn’t have to purchase the other items. It is also possible to bury the Landscape Tanks fully or partly leaving the planter exposed as you above ground detention system.

Many engineers design detention systems to go underground as space is limited – Landscape Tanks has overcome that problems with space saver water tanks.

“As a property developer I have saved a considerable amount of money by using  Landscape Tanks (6 large) as water tanks, retention systems and front fence architecture”.

“We will certainly be using them again in our next project—great product”.

These fabulous Landscape Tanks have overcome all the difficult issues facing on site detention.