Rain water tanks – pergola surround

Suburb: Lilydale, VIC
Number of tanks: 16
Water storage capacity: 48,000 litres
Use: Front fence, pergola surround

Pergola ideas – stores rain water.

Customer first fell in love with the Landscape Tanks at recent Home Show where they were looking for pergola ideas.

They subsequently purchased seven large landscape Tanks for around the new front pergola/verandah that they were planning to build and the results are stunning.

Just look at the before and after pictures here and see what a different the Landscape Tanks can make to a property.

Customer stated she thought they were “Gorgeous” and purchased another nine Landscape Tanks as a sound barrier for the front fence.

They plan to have a water feature right at the front of their verandah/pergola in one of the planter tops and already have a lovely herb and vegetable garden up and running.

These Landscape Tanks are made from 50mpa concrete and are easy to install as no footings are required.

They also come with their own engineering drawings if required for handing to your surveyor builder or architect. (Mainly for retaining walls)

They are designed to last 100+ years and add that WOW factor to your home.

They are simply joined together for endless water storage using a cast in place “O” ring seal and 50mm PVC pipe.

So if you are looking for Pergola ideas in Sydney or Melbourne look no further than these stunning Landscape Tanks.

Anything less will disappoint.