Front fence – water tank.

Suburb: Moss Vale, NSW
Number of tanks: 2
Water storage capacity: 9,000 litres
Use: Front fence, retaining wall

Concrete front fences that stores rain water.

Customer saw the tanks five years ago at the Sydney Darling Harbour Home Show and while they were looking for concrete front fences.

They couldn’t believe what they were looking at initially and were considering using them as their front fence without realising they were also water tanks to their amazement.

They consequently used them as a front fence, retaining wall and water tank for fantastic results.

They are delighted at the end result and the massive difference it has made to their home.

Their water storage is a bonus as they like the tanks so much they felt they didn’t even have to store water in them.

So if you are looking for concrete front fences that store rain water look no further than these fabulous Landscape Tanks.

They are made from high strength concrete.  The concrete has a long operational life (100+ years).

Imagine the look on your neighbours face when you tell them you are going to have water tanks as your front fence.

These brilliant Landscape Tanks do not require any footings and are easy to install by the home owner.

Add that WOW factor to your home today.