Pool landscaping – retaining wall

Suburb: North Ryde
Number of tanks: 8
Water storage capacity: 16,000 litres
Use: Pool surround and water storage

Swimming pool water storage

Customer saw the Landscape Tanks at a friends house and their neighbour suggested they use them for  swimming pool water storage and retainer wall for the new pool they were about to build.

They did and look at the end result – brilliant retaining wall and storing rain water as well.

Retainer wall:

In this case the landscape Tanks are also used as retaining walls as well as water storage and if you note carefully they also have a glass pool fence fitted to the top of the tanks.

Customer is delighted with the result and says the tanks look fabulous and they also love having the water to top up the pool and water the garden!

If you are looking for swimming pool water storage or retainer wall for your new pool look no further than the fabulous Landscape Tanks.

Please visit our gallery for hundreds more pictures showing what customers have been doing with our Landscape Tans for great results.

They are made from high strength and waterproof concrete. They don’t require the addition of a water proof membrane.

They do not require any footings and are built to last well in excess of 100+ years and adding that WOW factor to your home.

When quality matters.