Front fence – Water tank

Suburb: Rowville, Victoria, Australia
Number of tanks: 6
Water storage capacity: 18,000
Use: Front fence - retaining wall

High quality fencing

High quality fencing that stores rain water – sounds impossible doesn’t it but its not and many people are doing it right now for great results.

Please peruse the before and after pictures on this page and see just how much different using Landscape Tanks can make to your property.

In this case the customer was compelled by local by laws to have concrete high quality fencing and saw us at the Melbourne Flower and garden show in 2010.

This property used the large Landscape Tanks with the large planter tops to gain extra height and customer is delighted.

Using the Landscape Tanks as front fences storing rain water is a fantastic use of the product as they are easy to install and access is perfect out the front of a property.

The cost to install Landscape Tanks as your high quality fencing is less than (or similar) pricing to a brick or block front fence constructed by the usual means.

Doesn’t it make sense to use the stunning Landscape Tanks and also make use of the planter bed on top for additional privacy if required. Simply plant shrubs on top for additional height.

This customer saved money over conventional high quality front fencing and retaining wall and now has water storage as an added bonus.

“A great product—well done.”

Anything less will disappoint.