Raised garden beds – back yard fence

Suburb: Wantirna
Number of tanks: 5
Water storage capacity: 10,000 litres
Use: Rear and side fence and water storage.

Back Yard Fence

What to do with the less than attractive back yard fence is probably one of the most commonly asked questions today.

The back yard fence is also what most people look out to when they look out they kitchen window.

Another question is where do we put that ugly water tank.

Well, Mary and Tom Bellinger from Wantirna in Victoria found the answer to their back yard fence woes by installing five landscape Tanks along their back and side fences.

In a remarkably easy installation Mary and Tom also back filled soil against the tanks to level out their backyard.

They are more than delighted with the result and how the Landscape Tanks have lifted their backyard.

They now grow lovely vegetables at a convenient height and love the end result.

Tom was particularly pleased by the fact the Landscape Tanks were made out of 50mpa concrete and are designed to last 100+ years as he will never have the address the back yard fence areas again.

Woodland Grey colour was chosen to blend in to the background.

Landscape Tanks can turn your average back fence into a feature for your home and break up that otherwise bland back yard area.