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Front fence ideas – stores rain water  – seems inconceivable, doesn’t it?

These brilliant high quality concrete Landscape Tanks when used as front fences add that WOW factor to your home.

They are also designed to last a lifetime and can be expected to look the same in 100+ years as the day they are installed. Add considerable value to your property by adding that WOW factor to your home with these great front fences. Customers are continually telling us that they are amazed at the end result and how they have enhanced their property.

They take up wasted space behind existing front fences and this area makes an ideal area to store valuable rain water. They are also ideal for development properties and the like when space is limited.

Plumbing is the same as a normal water tanks and they may be placed some distance from the property. They are very economical to install and often considerably cheaper than brick front fences and they store water in the process and look terrific.

Please visit our gallery to view more pictures of Landscape Tanks being used as a front fence and retaining walls combined.

In one case the Landscape Tanks were used as a front fence, retaining walls, water tanks, onsite detention system and raised garden bed.

These amazing front fence require no footings and come with their own engineering drawings and may be installed in a couple of hours.

Customers also love to plant shrubs in the planter tops to give that extra bit of privacy. Some shrubs may grow to one or two metres.

Delivery and installation is simple and straight forward.

Imagine telling your neighbours you are going to have water tanks as your front fence!!!

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