OSD On Site Detention Tanks

OSD On Site Detention Tanks

OSD - On Site Detention System

Use our Landscape Tanks and you may not even need a traditional very expensive On Site Detention System at all. This can result in massive savings.

  • Are you building or extending and struggling with your storm water On Site Detention System and all the associated costs?
  • Are you wondering why you must spend all that money for no obvious return or benefit.
  • You are not alone and it does not have to be that way!!
  • You can use our Landscape Tanks as your OSD system and retaining wall or front fence combined for a similar cost to building a normal retaining wall.
  • Have you hydraulics engineer design our tanks into your new build or extension for huge savings – used Australia wide.

The Landscape Tanks storm water OSD On Site Detention Tanks offers a simple, attractive and extremely cost effective solution.

If you use the Landscape Tanks system as your storm water OSD System you may not even need a traditional OSD at all.

You could save a lot of money in the process.

It seems hard to believe but many of the lovely pictures in our gallery (above) are actually storm water OSD On Site Detention Tanks designed as structural  Retaining Walls or front fences.

Your storm water OSD Tanks may be tucked away as part of your retaining wall – water tank combination or even around your swimming pool or pool fence.


  • You may not need a traditional storm water OSD On Site Detention Tanks at all.
  • Huge savings and WOW factor – turn your storm water OSD Tanks into a feature.
  • The Landscape Tanks are made from high grade concrete and are strong and do not require footings for simple and fast installation.
  • The Tanks are pre-engineered (empty) as structural retaining walls and front fences.
  • Tanks come with their own engineering drawings for further savings.
  • Above or below ground systems available.
  • HED tank and trash/silt pit units available as required. (Part of all of this may be specified by your hydraulics engineer)
    • Incorporating step Irons, 3 mm machined S/S orifice plate fitted, check valve, RH 3030 removable mesh screen, hinged access grate.
  • Very high grade steel mesh reinforced concrete to last a lifetime.
  • Planter top standard for growing plants and shrubs on top of the water tank underneath.
  • Modular for endless storage capacity – joined together with cast in patented “O” ring rubber seals.
  • Tanks come in three convenient sizes.
  • Available Australia wide.

Onsite Detention Tanks to Suit Multiple Site Layouts

Ideal for when space is limited or you do not want the expense of burying your OSD underground, let alone the design costs of such a system.

These Landscape Tanks storm water OSD – On Site Detention System designs are flexible to comply with council requirements, which can vary area to area.

System is also designed to comply with Upper Parramatta River Catchment Authority handbook 2005. (Handbook recommends above ground systems)

Please speak to us when designing your system and we will be happy to discuss and share ideas.

  • Download full Landscape Tanks brochure (with full product details) from Home Page downloads tab (RHS).


  • Download brochure for more specific storm water OSD – On Site Detention System – Retaining Wall information


  • For Architects and builders – download our OSD – On Site Detention System DWG files for inserting into CAD.

Architects and Builders

 Anything less will disappoint.

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