How to purchase our tanks

Chances are you have already seen our tanks are a friends place or home show or the like.

If this is not the case we do recommend you pop down to one of our display centers and have a look at the product just to ensure they are as expected, but the pictures in the gallery do reflect the end result accurately.

Please make contact with the friendly Landscape Tanks staff on Melbourne 0414 308123 or Sydney on 0407  200497 or email us form the Contact – enquiries page on this web site.

An email outlining details about the Landscape Tanks including engineering drawings, pictures and pricing will then be sent to customer for their consideration.

Request a site inspection:

If everything is on order and you would like to move ahead please give our friendly staff a call.

Landscape Tanks staff will be happy to visit with customers to share ideas of other customers as appropriate.

Staff will then work our a firm quote, which will include delivery and placing tanks and tops into position.

This visit will also work the plumbing configurations for the tanks that best suits the customer’s property.


One of the purposes for the site inspection is to confirm site access and the best type of delivery vehicle for the job.

Landscape Tanks has a diverse and wide range of vehicles available to them to assist in this process.

Please see technical specifications for more details.


A deposit is required to secure and order into the system. The amount will be determined and discussed during site visit.

All goods are to be paid for several days prior to delivery to enable delivery contractors to schedule their activities.

Direct deposit is the preferred choice of payment.

Time frame for delivery:

Owing to the nature of the product and the time it takes to make each product we do ask for as much time as possible and usually two or three weeks is preferred.

Urgent orders can usually be accommodated not withstanding above.

Landscape Tanks has a list of standard part numbers (see technical info and plumbing configurations on this web site for details) however, on occasions there may be a need for a model that is not shown.

We treat those “custom units” and please allow slightly longer for delivery on custom units.


Landscape Tanks are warranted to be free from defective materials for a period of 12 months from date of purchase.

Concrete by its very nature becomes stronger as it matures so it can be expected the Landscape Tanks will be much stronger in five years time than they are in the first twelve months or so.

Landscape Tanks are manufactured to Australian Standard 3600/2001, which implies that products made to that standard will last in excess of sixty years.

There are many far inferior concrete tanks (made on site) over 150 years old and still in use on farm properties around Australia.

It can reasonably be expected that Landscape Tanks will still be functioning perfectly well over 100+ years from now.


Please also see installation under technical info tab on this web site.

Landscape Tanks staff are happy to assist with delivery, working with customers’ chosen contractors or providing our own experienced operators.

Sydney NSW depot is located in Londonderry and Melbourne Vic depot is located in Bayswater.

Goods are despatched for delivery from either of these locations.

Landscape Tanks have a vast array of delivery equipment available including all terrain four wheel drive forklifts, telehanders of all sizes, Franner mobile cranes, crane trucks of all sizes to the very large mobile crane. Customers are also free to use equipment the builder may already have on site such as excavators which are excellent for this purpose.

Delivery also includes placing tanks and planter tops into position at time of delivery and is available at a very reasonable price as we often share the delivery with several customers helping reduce the costs.

Tight access vehicles are also available – 2 metres wide and 2 metres high minimum access required.

Landscape Tanks, including the planter tops have four x 1.3 tonne anchor points cast into the bottom of the tanks and tops in each corner. These anchor points cater for the Reed’s Swift clutch knuckle lifter to safely lift the tanks. This is standard practice in the concrete industry and all crane truck or forklift operators will be familiar with these lifters.

L-R: 1.3 tonne Anchor point, 1.3 tonne Swift Clutch Knuckle lifter and keep hands and feet well clear.