Retaining Wall Water Tanks OSD Tanks

It seems hard to believe but all the lovely pictures in our gallery are actually our high quality Retaining Wall – Water Tank combined.

The  tanks come in two sections with the water tank under the planter top, which is used for growing plants and shrubs.

These amazing water tanks have ever so many uses around your property and are built to last.

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Retaining Wall  Water Tank  Water Tank Fencing  O.S.D tanks  C.F.A compliant.

Celebrating 12 years. All Australian made and owned.

Please browse informative pages for more information on the many uses of our innovative Landscape Tanks. You will find hundreds of images, technical information, product ideas gallery, builders info and typical uses for our tanks all laid out in this web site.

  • Drought proof your property – endless water storage.
  • CFA Compliant.
  • Stunning looking – high quality concrete – designed to last 100+ years.
  • No footings required.
  • Never have to replace your retaining wall again – designed to last 100+ years.
  • Around 20 to 30 minutes to install. (including planter top).
  • Simply push a pvc pipe from one tank to the other to seal using our patented “O” ring seal system for fast, simple and easy installation.
  • Pre-engineered and come with their own engineering drawings for use as structural retaining walls (empty).
  • Cast in “O” ring seal – simply push a pipe between the tanks to join together.
  • Instant results. (Fence or Retaining Wall).
  • May be placed into position by mum’s and dad’s for big savings.
  • Plumbing is the same as a normal tank.
  • Very cost effective – deal direct with the factory and save.
  • Available Australia wide.
  • Australian made from 100% Australian materials.
  • Fantastic OSD tanks

 Watch a great unsolicited video on growing vegetables in our Landscape Tanks – click here


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Our Landscape Tanks when used as a Retaining Wall – Water Tank combination are more than cost effective when compared to other types of retaining walls.

The tanks are designed to last over 100+ years,  are easy to install and do not require footings – they may be placed straight on a firm level base, in modular form  for great savings. Tanks are easily interconnected using our (patent pending) unique “O” ring seal system.

They are also great for around swimming pools (fences) where they raise the plants away from the pool chlorine.

The planter top has many uses (apart from growing plants) including water features, outdoor kitchens, decking and even spectacular light shows all at the same time, while still being used for your retaining wall or front fence.

Your are going to have to live with your retaining walls for a long time so why not economically add that WOW factor to your home and enjoy the results and increase your resale value and they look amazing.


Remember if you can use our Landscape Tanks as your storm water OSD  On Site Detention Tanks  Retaining Wall you could save a bundle.


The Exciting New Stackable Mini Landscape Tanks for tight access areas — OUT NOW!!

Please download the Mini Landscape Tanks Brochure for full details.


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