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Landscape Tanks - 14.jpg
Landscape Tanks - 14.jpg
Landscape Tanks - 14.jpg





Landscape Tanks are Australian Made and Owned, providing a versatile, attractive and cost effective solution for your property.


Tanks are made from high grade concrete and are built to last a lifetime. They easily join together for endless water storage and can be used as front fences, structural retaining walls, on-site detention systems and courtyard or pool surrounds and they simply look stunning. 

Used as a pond, garden feature, front fence, onsite detention, along with retaining wall and water storage. A great example of the tanks' versatility.

A multi-level retaining wall, water storage and raised garden bed. Excellent use of space in a narrow front yard with steps.

Installed as a border to an outdoor entertainment area. Providing not only water storage and a border but also privacy, wind and sun protection.

Used as a pergola surround, retaining wall and water storage. The concrete was coloured (tinted) during fabrication and won’t ever need to be touched up like a painted surface would. There are a large range of tint colours to choose from.

Water feature, retaining wall and water storage. This became a striking feature and wonderful sound barrier for the entertainment area.

Retaining wall, garden bed and water storage. Placed hard against the house veranda and in doing so, cleverly concealing foundation works.

Retaining wall ideas

5000 litre water tank

5000l water tank

10000 litre water tank

10000l water tank

20000 litre water tank

20000l water tank

Adaptable retaining wall

Adaptable water tank

Arrangeable retaining wall

Arrangeable water tank

Australian design water tank

Australian made water tank

Australian owned water tank company

Beautiful landscaping design ideas

Beautiful retaining wall

Beautiful water tank

Blend with nature retaining wall

Blend with nature water tank

Bury water tank

CFA compliant water tank

Clever landscaping design ideas

Clever retaining wall

Clever water storage

Coloured retaining wall

Coloured water tank

Concrete retaining wall

Concrete water tank

Connectable water tank

Cost efficient retaining wall

Cost efficient water tank

Cost efficient water tank and retaining wall

Different shapes retaining wall

Drinking water tank

Drive over water tank

Durable retaining wall

Durable water tank

Easiest way to retain

Easy retaining wall

Engineered retaining wall

Engineered water tank

Expandable water tank

Fire authority compliant water tank

Fireproof retaining wall

Fireproof water tank

Front yard landscaping ideas

Great retaining wall

Great water tank

High finish retaining wall

High finish water tank

Landscaping design ideas

Landscaping ideas

Landscaping ideas front yard

Leading retaining wall

Leading water tank

Long lasting retaining wall

Long lasting water tank

Low cost plumbing water tank

Low preparation retaining wall

Low preparation water tank

Modular retaining wall

Modular water tank

More than retaining wall

More than water storage

Multipurpose water storage

No leaching retaining wall

No leaching water tank

Novel retaining wall

Novel water storage

On site detention

On-site detention


Patented water tank

Personalised retaining wall

Personalised water tank

Planter box top water tank

Plants on top of retaining wall

Plants on top of water tank

Pool landscaping

Pool landscaping ideas

Premier retaining wall

Premier water tank

Premium retaining wall

Premium water tank

Quick retaining wall

Rain detention

Rain water and on site detention water tank

Rain water and OSD water tank

Rain water tank

Rainwater tank

Retaining wall

Retaining wall decoration options

Retaining wall ideas

Retaining wall landscaping

RSF compliant water tank

RSF compliant water tank

Smart landscaping design ideas

Smart retaining wall

Smart water tank

Solid retaining wall

Solid water tank

Sustainable retaining wall

Sustainable water tank

Tintable retaining wall

Tintable water tank

Under driveway water tank

Underground water tank

Unique retaining wall

Unique water tank

Unusual landscaping design ideas

Versatile retaining wall

Versatile water tank

Water detention

Water storage

Water tank

Water tank price

Water tanks

Water tanks price

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Water tanks Wollongong

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The quality of rainwater is unsurpassed in terms of its suitability for plants and lawn watering. Captured rainwater is free of measurable amounts of salts, fluorides, chlorines, water clarifiers, sediment controllers and pollutants. It also consists of the required amount of carbon, which helps to unlock the micro-nutrients present in the soil around plants




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