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Landscape Tanks™ are a unique multi-functional water storage or on-site stormwater detention (OSD) and retaining wall, solution for your home

House frontage with retaining walls containing water tanks
House frontage with retaining walls containing water tanks, water tank placement is outlined and highlighted in green

Our tanks are carefully concealed inside retaining walls, pool courtyard surrounds, front fences and include a garden bed top. The tanks provide a versatile, attractive and cost effective dual water storage or OSD and retaining wall, solution for your property.

Rainwater storage will never be the same again

Our tanks are made from high grade durable concrete and are built to last a lifetime. They require only minimal site preparation, are easily and quickly joined together for endless water storage, are adaptable to most sites and they simply look stunning. 

The tanks can be used to provide …

  1. Water Storage, Garden and Retaining Wall 

  2. On-Site Stormwater Detention, Garden and Retaining Wall

  3. Firefighting Water, Garden and Retaining Walls


Explore the site to learn more, or get in touch with our team today to discuss your specific requirements.

The benefits of Landscape Tanks™

See how our clients use Landscape Tanks™ in their homes

From water features to deck fences, Landscape Tanks™ can be installed in a configuration that works best for you and your home.

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Just add water

The quality of rainwater is unsurpassed in terms of its suitability for plants and lawn watering.


Captured rainwater is free of measurable amounts of salts, fluorides, chlorines, water clarifiers, sediment controllers and pollutants. It also consists of the required amount of carbon, which helps to unlock the micro-nutrients present in the soil around plants.

Illustration of how rainwater is captured and stored in Landscape Tanks

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We currently service Melbourne, Sydney, Adelaide, Brisbane, rural Victoria, New South Wales, South East Queensland the and South Australian peninsula

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