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Landscape Tanks™


Patent Granted # 2010286347  /  Patent Application 2018202547 

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Our ‘OSD’ tank system satisfies Council OSD requirements for stormwater runoff, creates a retaining wall, rain water storage and other landscaping functions including being a barrier for sight, sound, wind, physical and thermal, It’s a planter box and fence, all in a single structure.


It’s an above or below ground or below driveway modular system that allows you to connect the tanks to meet your needs. This capability makes the tanks adaptable to most sites and gives the customer control over desired water storage volumes, uses, engineering, and architectural outcomes.


Landscape Tanks™ are simple to install. Prepare a level crushed rock base, lower the tanks into position and, thanks to the patented quick seal pipe connection system, just push pipe into the seals to join tank water reservoirs.


Our system eliminates or reduces many site related costs, frustrations and risks experienced with onsite builds. From an architectural perspective, all your design options and your chosen finish remain to be viewed. Our engineered moulds and processes produce a soft, cool and buttery finish guaranteed to AS3610 Formwork for Concrete Class 2 or better. The Tank lid doubles as a planter which provides you with garden space and allows you to blend the tanks into their natural surrounds.


The tanks are CFA / RFS compliant, made from long lasting, highly durable, low maintenance concrete and guaranteed free from workmanship, structural or material fault for 25 years for the concrete shell and 7 years for all other components.


Landscape Tanks™ are modular, allowing you to connect the tanks in an almost infinite number of sequences and arrangements. This capability makes the tanks adaptable to most sites and gives the customer control over desired water storage volumes, engineer, and architectural parameters. Landscape Tanks™ are like Lego® blocks allowing you to build your own desired outcome.



Prior to urban development our terrain acted much like a sponge during rain events. A thirty minute down pour would seep into soils, be absorbed by plants and be retained temporarily in shallow pooling. Overflows and weeping of over sodden soils would slowly run off the land, accumulate and eventually make its way to the sea via creeks and rivers. A thirty-minute down pour would release progressively to the sea over hours, days, weeks or become atmospheric humidity, soil moisture or seep down to the water table. Today hard surfaces (roofs, driveways, verandas, paths, paved areas etc) discharge rainfall directly and instantly to the stormwater systems and then the sea.


The consequence of modern development on water flow manifests itself in: 
a)    Unnatural and instantaneous water flows into stormwater infrastructure;
b)    The potential for these abnormally large flows to overload stormwater systems and overflow into sewer systems; and or
c)    To sweep up and carry litter into tributaries.

In its simplest form, ‘OSD’, is an attempt to replicate nature, to eliminate the unintended and unpleasant implications of development.



Landowners and builders addressing ‘OSD’ regulations essentially have one possibly two strategic decisions to make.

Whether to custom build an ‘OSD’ system from scratch including engineering, organising all trades and ‘OSD’ accessories, managing the build around any delays and carrying all of the building risks or none of these things by purchasing an off the shelf pre-fabricated system.

If you choose the “pre-fabricated” route the second decision faced is whether to purchase with the intent to bury or hide the ‘OSD’ system, (a traditional concrete tank prefabricated system) or to buy a modular and high aesthetics system like ours which can be placed anywhere.​ 


People are familiar with custom builds and traditional concrete tanks. Our system is different. Landscape Tanks™ are;



Think of Lego® blocks (or bricks) that are able to be placed in different arrangements to suit your site and circumstances. This capability provides an almost infinite number of tank arrangements and water storage volumes.



Landscape Tanks™ aren’t made to a cost based on the cheapest specifications and without regard to how they look. There is no expectation you will bury or hide our tanks, they are made to be aesthetically pleasing, guaranteed Class 2 AS3610 Formwork for Concrete, finish or better. The garden planters enhance the tank’s appeal and allow them to blend into their surrounds. And you can leave the tanks as is or decorate them.



Out tanks are not a “one solution and one purpose” proposition. They allow you to maximise the use of your space. The tanks are water tanks first and foremost but in addition to this they are also retaining walls, a planter and or fence and or noise, sight, wind, physical or thermal barrier.



The tanks are able to be placed on pretty much any virgin soil surface (other than a bog). They require only 100Pa allowable bearing pressure from the soil base and they don’t require footings. The only specific tradesman required at installation is a heavy equipment operator. No plumber is necessary. There is no need to water test the tanks after installation. The time needed to connect to the tanks thanks to our patented seals is minutes not hours.


For all pricing and quotes, please contact us either by e-mail or mobile 0499 19 22 82 


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