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A history of Landscape Tanks™

Where it started

The engineering research and design for our concrete tank manufacturing business started back in 2002. At that time, the inventor John Woodhouse and his engineers had amassed an impressive number of Australian Design Awards, twelve in total, and John Woodhouse had won the BRW Australian Entrepreneur of the Year. Their design, research and development collaboration became the basis for a number of Patents (granted and pending) and the innovative Landscape Tanks™ design present in each tank.

Todays Landscape Tanks™ is also a collaboration. To survive in our business you need to operate a lean business and outsource speciality functions to experts. Our professional concrete caster partner is Inform Constructions, they have over 60 years experience in concrete casting. This strategy provides sophistication in our tanks and our customers with a great range of finishes. Cladding, decoration and colouring that will enhance your job along with blend into your home's external furnishings.

On our side of the collaboration is John Clifford, he is Director of Operations, Sales and Administration. John is responsible for finding hybrid water / retaining wall and On-Site Stormwater Detention (OSD) solutions for clients. OSD is now part of many Council development regulations / policies. Landscape Tanks™ offer a cost effective, simple and fast OSD solution. John Clifford is a Chartered accountant and a joint owner of Landscape Tanks™.




Landscape Tanks™ is an innovator who broke new ground by combining retaining wall and water storage functions in the one structure.

We are recognised for our Australian design, Patents, quality of our tank moulds, the quick and easy installation format and our professionalism. We work with experienced transport and delivery providers. Talk to us about your needs and we will work with you and your tradies to get the job done.


Landscape Tanks water storage solution retaining wall with a garden bed

Propelling forward

Our goal is to build our business on a foundation of design innovation, strong patents and satisfied customer referrals. We manufacture concrete tanks because they will last for a 100 years. The quality of our moulds assures a finished product that will reflect your high standards of presentation while storing precious water for reuse.




Landscape Tanks Logo
Grass Close Up
Sandstone Landscape Tanks being used as retaining walls
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